RSS Feed for Education

Well I must admit I love the ease of using RSS. Using RSS is like having pizza delivered on a Friday night, when I am too tired to cook! It is delivered right to my door, just the way I like it!

RSS is a wonderful option that can keep learners informed about issued of their choice. I did not really understand the inner workings of RSS, nor did I understand how it could help students benefit educationally; however, just several hours after my introduction to RSS things have changed. I feel that I not only understand RSS but have thought of several areas where RSS could be given a permanent home in the classroom.

First of all I would love to see teachers give students access to Goggle reader in the classroom. I really like the way it synthesizes RSS. In doing this students would benefit by collaborating with peers as they could share articles about topics that have been discussed in class. For example, if the lesson of the day was about World War II the students would be assigned to find five RSS feeds to share with the class. The students could do this from their computers, iPads or smart phones. I believe this would not only build a sense of community but it would also force students to explore media about the topic before finding the exact article they feel is best for them to post. RSS will also give students a democratic way to complete their lessons as they choose what technology as well as the URLs they will use to post their RSS feed!

I would like to take RSS a bit further and have a class account where we choose current events as a morning topic. Every morning the sights the class votes to have on the RSS feed will be looked into. Maybe on the smart-board so all can see. Then the teacher would go through interesting current event topics, bringing technology and social studies together. This would be another benefit that can be gained from knowing RSS!



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