Creating My Learning Log ~ AECT Standard 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies

Creating this learning log has been and will continue to be a process. I started my learning log last semester and have added work and comments about technology ever since. The learning log was very easy to create. First I opened an account with WordPress and then followed the directions as the sight prompted me. Soon I was spending time trying to find the perfect theme to display my work. If you follow my blog, chances are you will see the theme change time and time again.

This web site aligns with the AECT Standard 2.3 because of the content that it contains. The blog is strictly about educational technology and computer based technology. This blog is to help guide and showcase computer based technologies to other students, clients and prospective employers.

Create a new post, calling it “Creating My Learning Log,” discussing how you used a blogging platform to create a website. Include information on how this activity aligns with the AECT Standard(s) you included on the post label. After publishing, check to see if your post shows up on the Label Widget.


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