Multimedia Instruction

I have created a short presentation for third grade learners. The students will be learning the location of five major rivers within the United States. For the success of this assignment, I have used newly learned principles such as the Multimedia principle as well as the Contiguity Principal. Prior to this assignment my students must have had Power Point overload! I have learned to create slides with the images on the same screen as the corresponding text. On my older Power Points I would split up the pictures and titles creating longer presentations and less contiguity of information; my poor students!

I also left out color from the background to help highlight specific colors chosen represent specific rivers. I highlighted these rivers in corresponding colors to the text to help the learners recall information. I also kept the slides simple, clear and aligned with the goal, stated on the second slide.

The last page of the project was and assessment, created to test learner knowledge. I used the same map throughout the entire project so the students would not feel tricked. I highlighted the rivers as before, but in a neutral color keeping the text the same as in earlier slides. I can not believe how much better the students have learned through this Power Point compared to my old silly over done power points! Simplicity really worked for my class here!


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