Technology Fail?

ImageThis week I was asked to give a demonstration on Glogster to a fourth grade class. Although I was prepared,the technology did not want to cooperate! This is just one of the things that can happen when you are working with technology! Sometimes it is a great experience and other times it can just let you down. So what can we do as educators to get our lesson out when technology fails us? Here are a few ideas!

Things to remember:

  1. Be patient and keep calm! Getting frustrated is not going to help your presentation or your learners show your learners how to be patient, lead by example.
  2. Have a plan B, C, and D.
  3. Be ready for technology to fail, it is unfortunate but it happens! Have notes and be able to give a detailed overview of your failed Power Point, video, or podcast if the internet will not connect or if it’s just loading to slowly, don’t let your class get away! Have your lesson BBd–that’s, Brain Backup!
  4. If your class is not in front of computers you may want to use Camtasia to give a visual presentation so students can learn by watching you move through the motions!
  5. Ask your learners questions to enforce what you have taught, this may seem obvious but with technology you have to check that each detail has been absorbed by your learners. How about creating a reference card that learners can use if important details are forgotten.

Get an edge!


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