EdTech 597 Robotics as a Form of Edutainment and How It Teaches


Lynette McDougal: EDTECH Learning Log

The term “edutainment” describes activities that both educate and entertain. The edutainment activity I have chosen is robotics and more specifically, mobile robotics. Mobile robotics fulfill the following five characteristics of edutainment: educational, entertaining, integrated activity, adequately matched to the learner’s abilities, and promotes acquisition of constructivist knowledge.

First off, robotics offer learners a hands-on, interdisciplinary, collaborative opportunity (Beer, Chiel, & Drushel, 1999). When students build, manipulate and play with robots they learn a variety of engineering and science topics.

Often a course in robotics will culminate in some sort of contest. These entertaining competitions provide learners with intrinsic motivation. Learners engage in the competitions out of the sheer pleasure of the activity (Okan, 2003). Entering a competition also encourages the learner to make the jump from superficial learning the mastery (Dodds, Greenwald, Howard, Tejada, & Weinberg, 2006).

Several mobile robotic kits are available to integrate robotics into curriculum levels…

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