The Apple TV in your classroom? YES!


I was recently asked if the Apple TV would be a useful tool in the classroom. Looking into this I was quickly impressed by the Apple TV and its potential to help teachers create dynamic instruction and collaborative learning.  The Apple TV works with the iPad to mirror the screen and display content for viewing.   The Apple TV is easy to hook up and with a few touches of the iPad screen sharing via bluetooth is complete! This is an easy and fun way to share/collaborate content within learning communities.  Screen sharing on the iPad through the Apple TV has enormous potential to impact learning as well   There are other options; however,  the Apple TV is by far the cheapest ($99.00) and most compatible technology to pair with the iPad. Below are some educational uses for the Apple TV followed by several links to related articles for your reference.

Uses in the Classroom: (

  • YouTube videos
  • Seamless transition between video clips (comparison between renditions of a play, perhaps)
  • Annotate documents live with your students
  • Display pictures of student/teacher work
  • Demonstrate apps
  • Play review games (many free ones available on the app store)
  • Subscribe to Netflix? Show relevant documentaries or shows.
  • Rent thousands of titles from the iTunes store.
  • Use as an interactive whiteboard (whiteboard apps)
  • Access to iTunes U videos
  • Use of the Khan Academy app
  • Creative project presentations (student ice-breaker collages)
  • Walk the room while still remaining connected
  • In a 1:1 iPad deployment, students can share their screen on the Apple TV
  • Use as a document camera
  • And many more (as many of these can be easily expanded upon)

Here are some other links:

Untethered Teachers: Using AppleTV in the Classroom | Wired Educator

Using Apple TV in the Classroom – nhinstitutes

Apple TV in the Classroom – Instructional Tech Talk

Apple TV In The Classroom – The New Smart Board

Using The iPad As A Digital Whiteboard (Plus 4 Cool Free Apps To Try It Out)


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