Online Teaching & Learning

Here is a picture of the Apple store in London... online learning is global! If you can connect you can learn!

Here is a picture of the Apple store in London… online learning is global! If you can connect you can learn!

Learning how to teach online seems like a daunting task before I started to read the assignments set in place for this summers semester. The books that were chosen were dripping with information, I think my highlighter ran out of yellow ink! I have always loved teaching and computers so when I took my first online course, I thought there had to be a better way! Yes, you guessed it, it was a mess. I was bored and learned nothing. I started my journey to become an online teacher here at BSU and I must say that I have learned much of the, “to do” list from being involved first hand with seasoned online professors.

What is online teaching and learning?

Great question, Online teaching in a way to educate learners through the use of the internet. This type of learning is done completely online. Learners never need to visit the campus or classroom, only online environments that have been set in place by the facilitator need to be visited! Hybrid online classes are also used as a teaching method. This is when the students come in to a real campus or meet in a given area on specific days for labs or lectures. The remainder of the class is done through the internet. In both areas the internet is the key component to creating online teaching. Online learning or e Learning is how the students learn in this type of format. There are many benefits to learners that choose an online classroom. One being the ability to work from anywhere there is an internet connection as well as WiFi! This idea has opens up the learning community to many people that were not able to join a class for reasons such as a job or a child to care for at home.

Summarize 2- 3 important concepts that you learned from the readings and how you plan on applying this new information.

One thing that stood out in my reading was the comparison of two online teachers and how they interacted online to see how their students were doing. One of the teachers noticed that several students had failed to submit an answer to one of the questions. The teacher then went into the program that was being used and checked the amount of time the students had spent on the question. Several of the students had spent over 60 minutes on the page and still had not submitted a response. There were two students that did not look at the question nor answer it. The professor learned from this that he would create a better question for the next semester and he would also email the students that seemed to be having problems to see if he could help. I will remember this for the future if there are students in my own class that have not answered in a timely manner. I will remember how to apply functions of the LMS to help create a more successful learning community. This was a great learning opportunity for both the students and the professor involved. I would like to take that extra step as much as possible when I have an online class of my own.

Once again in academia Bloom and his Taxonomy has come up. This time I was a bit surprised at how important verbs can be when using them to give learners directions and tell them where they are going. Verbs are key in creating objectives that are clear and with clarity comes understanding and learning. This semester I will be applying this concept as I write objectives in the classes I have at BSU. I am excited to see the difference a little verb can make!


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