Faux Job!

This is a company and job description that I have created for my Instructional Design class. I learned a lot about what an Instructional Designer does from this lesson. It helped me clarify the definition of designer as well as educational technology.

The Skirun Group

 The Skirun Group was founded in 1952 serving the global community in healthcare for over sixty years. TSG works side by side with humanitarian groups to give Developing countries up to date technology and medical resources. TSG continues to be a familiar sight on the Forbes 100 list, for the fifth consecutive year. Chose a career path with TSG a company that innovates change.

Job description:

TSG is looking for an Instructional Designer (ID) to plan, create, test and carry out in-house productivity programs to all levels of employees. Candidate will uphold and make TSG’s high standards and goals for learning, and will select appropriate online technology bringing TSG positive business results. Candidate will create assessment tools for various mediums and target all learning styles. The ID will see to the successful training of all employees, on sight or virtually.

The candidate will:

• Understand cognitive attributes of learners.
• Have effective writing skills.
• Possess strong leadership qualities.
• Create efficient problem solving solutions.
• Create goal centered virtual and on sight learning communities.
• Develop holistic training programs using technology to build bridges within the company.
• Assess employee productivity through development of program.
• Assess company software.
• Have proven track record in communications.
• Be highly motivated, punctual and goal driven.

• BA/S Education or Technology related field
• Strong problem solving skills.
• 3 or more years experience in design.
•Adobe In Design CS4 or newer, Microsoft Office Suite, Web Design.

• Masters Degree in Instructional Design
• 5 or more years experience; Adobe In Design CS4 or newer, Microsoft Office Suite, Web Design.
• 5 or more years experience working in Instructional Design.


Instructional designers take an idea, goal and/or standard and create a learning platform for clients. The platform created is the content. The content will be learner appropriate and meet the target goals determined by the designer. This is not however, expected of teachers. Teachers are expected to be the messengers of the designers content. (“Don’t kill the messenger, I’m just doing my job!”) This quote seems to put more pressure for success onto the designer it is however a joint effort. The teachers specialty is in the classroom where s/he brings the designers creation to life. Teachers work less in theory and design of curriculum and rely more on life experience, knowledge and teacher-training to successfully teach, manage and assess learners.

Instructional designers analyze prospective learning problems and design specific learning objectives teachers follow (blueprints). Designers create and develop problem solving techniques to make material effective for all learners. Intense research is involved in building successful curriculum, also much trial and error. On the other hand, teachers need only to be a catalyst of sorts. This in no way makes the teachers position less pertinent, but gives tangible structure and objectives to lessons. The outcome or goal of both jobs, is successful student learning.

In reflection of the roles consisting of teachers and Instructional Designers; I thought of my experience as a waitress and how restaurants works. There is the front of the house as well as the back, like teachers and designers they are separate but work together to accomplish a common goal. The back of the house is where we find the chef; the guts and brains of the restaurant. It is the chefs’ job to evaluate the produce, the kitchen and the client to create a menu that has a positive and successful outcome. The chef then and trains the wait staff on how and when to deliver each masterpiece. Some dishes need a dollop of whipped cream and others need parsley. Like an Instructional Designer the chef changes the menu to suit the client. This job is changing everyday with new meals to create when the specials are out of season. The front of the house or wait staff, is similar to the way teachers deliver lessons to the pupil. Each customer (pupil) is different but they all want the same thing, to be fed. The waitstaff (teacher) feed their customers (students) whatever the chef (ID) creates. While the chef (ID) is changing the menu on a daily or weekly basis, the waitress (teacher) keeps feeding the customers (students) by using successful methodology. Success will gain higher tips (positive learning outcome). Voila’ Bon Appetite’!



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