This week in Online Web Design we created our websites, Learning Task Map (LTM) and Task Objective Assessment Item Blueprints (TOAB). It was quite a busy week! The site I created is to show the process of creating the online course. The course I will be creating is called Physical Geography. This is a course that is presently being taught in a conventional classroom at the college level. The class is presently taught at Rowan University by Dr. Denyse Lemaire. She will be serving as my SME.

The LTM was created by breaking down the class through objectives as well as content. My time analysis the content was a challenge, I was relieved to find out that this is a very dynamic aspect of course design and not an exact science. Sometimes I get caught up in perfection, I need to remember it is a work in progress! For a better view you can clink here.

A work in progress...

Then I created the TOAB. In retrospect this should have been done first. It was much easier to understand the process of the course from the TOAB. I used Blooms Taxonomy for the information I needed to create  successful content for the learners. Here is a link to the TOAB, its too large to load here! Sorry!

As I said before, the LTM is a work in progress, so here is my newest update!


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