The past several weeks I have been working on creating a course through Moodle. This is an online learning management  system that I have been excited to learn about! It was a pleasure to learn the ins and outs of this LMS. I found that leaning how to use an online LMS takes more then just three weeks! This site took a ton of work and I still feel I could use much more time behind the proverbial wheel! One of the areas that caused me problems was adding another teacher! What hours I spent trying to pull that off. I still can not figure this out. I hope to contact my professor at another time so she may help me fill in the blanks. The other area I had trouble with was in the grading section. I created a syllabus for each project but then could not find out how to pull them up for the students to access! Who knows maybe I am just overlooking a small little button that needs to be clicked! Wow!

more positively I loved how easy it was to create clean and exciting pages and post information! The other area that I found to be outstanding was when I created a link or page it was automatically highlighted in the other portions of the LMS. I really think that it will help both the learners as well as the teacher to create a better learning environment.
Throughout this class I have learned many ways to create more effective learning environments for adult learners. Prior to this class I did not quite understand how discussions really helped us in academia. This class showed me that the amount of information I can learn from other learners can be just as or more informational than a textbook. Other adult learners and their life experiences have molded my learning as well as the way I will create classes in the future. I have enjoyed class discussions as other students have both challenged my ideas and validated them. Growing together in an online learning community has been a success for me and I have had a great time in this class learning how to better teach others in the future!

Ahhh reflecting at the end of the day…or class!


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