Geology LMS Project Plan

1. What is the tentative title/ topic of the course?

Physical Geography

2. Who are your learners?  What age, context/ grade, how many students?

Students enrolled in Thomas Edison University. This is an online course that will be used for undergraduate students. There will be approximately 40+ students that will enroll in the Fall of 2012.

3. Main purpose of the course?

The main purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate students the field of Physical Geography. This course will teach students Physical Geography including map locations of major geographic areas in the world as well as touching on the earths hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere.

4. Will the course be self-paced or facilitated?  Fully online or blended?  Why?

This course will be facilitated by the professor who will be opening modules week to week as well as communicating with students as needed. The course will be fully online as this project will be used for undergraduates at an online university.

5. Anticipated timeline for implementation?

Students will have one semester to complete course for three credits. The course will be implemented in the fall semester of 2012.

6. How many total hours of learning time are required in your course?

This course is a three credit course that will be completed within twelve weeks.  A minimum of seven hours will be needed for assignments each week making the total hours required for this course eighty four.

7. Are there content standards and/ or course objectives that must be aligned to the course outcomes?  List them if you know what they are.

Students will be able to interpret, identify, examine, discuss and use the following concepts at the end of each module:

  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Earth’s Revolution and Seasons
  • The Earth’s Global Energy Balance
  • Air Temperature
  • The Lithosphere and Plate Tectonics
  • Earthquakes
  • Fresh Water of the Continents
  • Weathering Processes and Mass Wasting
  • Landforms Made By Running Water
  • Degradational Landforms of Stream Erosion
  • Agradational landforms of Stream Deposition
  • Glacial Landforms and Ice Age
  • Continental glaciations versus mountain glaciers
  • Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect
  • Atmospheric Moisture and Precipitation
  • Winds and Global Circulation
  •  Global Wind Patterns
  • Ocean Currents
  • Global Soils
  • Physical Properties of Soils
  • Soil Classification
  • Earth’s Materials
  •  Landforms Made By Waves and Wind
  • Deserts

8. Adult learners: Does the course need professional development, undergraduate, or graduate credit tied to it?  Do you have this available, if needed?

This course will be taken by university students for 3 undergraduate credits.

9. In what platform will you host the course (mandated or your choice as designer)?

I hope to use Moodle, however I need to find out if there is a different mandated platform at this university.

10. Is this a redesign of a face-to-face or online course, or a totally new course?

Yes, this is a redesign of a face-to-face course.


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