For this lesson I evaluated three types of plagiarism and how to avoid it by creating a video on Xtranormal.  This video is based on a true story however the names have been changed! Seriously, this it a real conversation that I had with one of my professors a few years ago. She was astonished at all the people who were caught plagiarizing within the first few weeks of her class.

Although not a new concept, it is always a good idea to read up about plagiarism. I new about Patchwriting; however. I did not know it had its own name. Patchwriting plagiarism is when a person uses pieces of someones work (not copied exactly) with out citing it. Many times a person uses several different pieces of work and creates a paper by linking that work together. This can be remedied by using quotations and citing the sources used. Patchwork plagiarism was one of the three types of plagiarism I discussed within my video. I also talked about Non-attributions  and Cheating.


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