What a week of learning this has been! I have been looking into different types of presentation tools and was able to choose one specifically to learn for future classes I will teach. I choose Prezi. Prezi is an amazing teaching tool that can be used to present students with necessary content. The fun thing about Prezi is the way it moves around and unlike Power Point, Prezi uses only one slide for its presentations. I  had a great time learning this and was able to show several others in my family how to create an effective presentation, or Prezi! It was really great to teach Prezi to my family, I always learn better if I teach content to someone after I learn it myself, it really solidifies the information!


This week was also filled with readings. The readings this week were not at all in vain! They were filled with exciting new topics that touched me right in the heart of my own learning. There are times when learning comes when it is least expected. Let me explain. I knew that I was going to be reading a few chapters and learning from them; however , what I did not expect was that I learned how to incorporate reading to my learners effectively! I have been in classes where the readings that were assigned had little to do with the content we were working on in class. With the way the syllabus was set up in this class our teacher broke up the chapters to match the project we had to complete. It was wonderful to work on a project and then read a chapter that you could completely relate to! I learned how to write a successful syllabus from this! I am very excited! You see the chapters that we were to read skipped around a bit and I did not know exactly why, until I got to read them. It really made my think how a good syllabus is not written but crafted!

I was building a syllabus that would crumble, this week I learned how to build for success!

The reading itself was no stale cookie either! Building a classroom online takes the same type of crafting that a good syllabus does. Chapter 6 in the book, Teaching Online, a Practical Guide by Ko & Rossen had multiple ideas as well as tips for the online teacher to be. I found so much information about different sites for teaching my favorite being, “My Studiyo” a great way to create a multimedia quiz.

I would like to add some of the fun multimedia ideas that I read about to my online classes that I hope to create. I love the idea of and how you can create an avatar. I have seen this done before but I never used it and was not positive about the site it was on. I was excited to see this in out reading this week (P. 277 Ko & Rossen)

I have to admit the reading and all of this new information was overwhelming. It took me a little while to read the content. It was well worth taking my time to absorb though. I do not know how I will be able to remember everything that is involved with successful course design!

Ko, S. and Rossen, S. (2010). Teaching online: a practical guide.  New York: Routledge.


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